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XSS-13-510 Single Reduction Single Axle

? High capacity hypoid gears
? Premium seal design
? High quality Welded housing
? Large range of FUWA drum brakes
? Precision forged differential gears
? Several configurations and sizes
? Rolled splines and threads
? Available with ABS and automatic slack adjuster
? Strong bolted joints with special self locking bolts

Technical Parameters Other

Load Capacity 

Gross Axle Weight:13000Kg
Gross Combined Weight(On-Highway Application):60000Kg

Track(Other options are possible upon request)


Mounting Center 


Hypoid Gear 

Master Diameter:Φ510mm
Face Width:88mm
Ratios(Other options are possible upon request):3.08、3.17、3.38、3.70、4.11、4.22、4.44、4.62、4.75、5.29、6.17、6.83


Box Section:160x160mm
Wall Thickness:16mm
Friction welding:Φ150mm

Axle Shaft

Body Diameter:Φ57.5mm
Spline:Φ59.6mm-46 teeth

Brake(Other options are possible upon request)


Wheel Mounting(Other options are possible upon request)

Φ335mm-10 studs M22x1.5

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